Breglio Law Office began in 2000 when founding attorney, Jeffrey S. Breglio, opened his private practice. Initially, he worked with movie producers and other types of artists, from writers to musicians.

But Jeff was a real estate investor, picking up both flip projects and rental properties. This was definitely a “hands on” experience as he worked in all aspects of real estate: procurement, financing, rehab, leasing and sales. He quickly learned that real estate investors had many of the same business and legal needs as his entertainment clients.

This realization helped Jeff find his true legal passion: Helping small business owners and families protect the things they care most about. Whether it’s their personal residence, retirement accounts, real estate holdings, artwork, brand or the next blockbuster film, Breglio Law Office provides numerous options to help protect your assets.

Cody Backus joined the firm in 2016, and does commercial and residential real estate, asset protection, and estate planning. Bret Bryce joined in 2018 to head up our estate planning division. He brings years of experience in trusts and estates, including the Utah Asset Protection Trust. Julie Roundy keeps our books ship shape and our team wouldn’t be complete without Whitney Druce who processes all of our title closings. Together we are always happy to help you succeed.

To help our clients protect their assets, we use a combination of business entities, trusts, contracts, copyright & trademark registrations to customize a package that fits your budget and protection needs. We are friendly, helpful, and a free consultation is just a phone call away.