When we discuss asset protection with our clients, we do a comprehensive review of both their business and personal (family) assets. Then we create customized plans based on their needs and goals. So this requires two considerations: Business Entities to protect their business assets and a strong Family Estate Plan to protect and allocate their family’s assets. These two objectives can compete with each other, which is why we structure our plans differently than many corporate and estate planning attorneys might do. We make sure that all parts of an asset protection structure work together and meet all the needs of our clients.



The BASIS of any asset protection plan begins with the correct type of entity. Breglio Law Office provides full-service legal formation of a variety of business entities and trusts, including: Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Partnerships. We are not an online form generator. We consult with and advise our clients to create the correct type of entity that fits their business, the type of asset and protection goals.

Privacy is also a large consideration in asset protection. That’s why we offer numerous ways to establish and maintain your privacy in both corporate and land records, from the use of simple grantor (land) trusts, registered agent service, governing person, titling and trustee fiduciary services. These are services you won’t find at many other law firms.

Estate Plans

A family (or living) TRUST is an important part of every asset protection program. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, young, old, own a single home or have a large portfolio of rental properties, a well-designed estate plan is an indispensable tool. No protection plan is complete without a plan of succession: what happens to these assets when you die! Your assets are at risk without a family trust.

Breglio Law Office provides a different approach to our estate planning than other attorneys. We utilize trust advisors, transfer on death agreements and other tools to maximize the protection, efficiency and control over your estate. We spend the time to look at ALL your assets, businesses and life goals before creating a plan that works for you.