Welcome to Breglio Law Office!

Because we prefer to establish long-term relationships with our clients, we created this page to help answer basic questions. Here you’ll find some very important information about our office policies and services. For an overview of what we do here at Breglio Law Office, you can click the link below to watch our Welcome Video. You can also find links to our Guidebooks and our Intake Forms for some of our service offerings.



LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY GUIDEBOOK: If you are setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or  as Series LLC, please read this Guidebook prior to your appointment.
LA GUIA DE COMPANIA DE RESPONSIBILIDAD (LLC): Una guía de La LLC y Series LLC. Por favor leer esta Guía antes de su cita con uno de nuestros abogados.
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE GUIDEBOOK: If you have already established a LLC or Series LLC, please read this Guidebook for information on running your LLC.
FAMILY LEGACY (Family Living Trust) GUIDEBOOK: If you are looking to set up your family estate plan, please read this Guidebook prior to your scheduled appointment.
Family Estate Plan Evaluation: To determine your family protection needs and start your family estate plan documents.
SELF-DIRECTION GUIDEBOOK: If you’re interested in getting started in self-direction to utilize your retirement account funds in real estate investing, please read this Guidebook.
Solo 401K Trust Intake: For setting up a Solo 401K Trust in self-direction.
SELLER FINANCING GUIDEBOOK: If you have questions and need help doing a seller financed real estate transaction, please read this Guidebook.
ASSET HOLDING TRUST GUIDEBOOK: If you are interested in using an asset holding trust to hold tile or to facilitate real estate transaction, please read this Guidebook.
PARTNERING GUIDEBOOK: If you are thinking about partnering in real estate transactions, please read this Guidebook. You may also want to use this questionnaire to help make decisions about your specific partnering relationship.
Partnership Questionnaire (Coming Soon!)
ADVANCED ASSET PROTECTION GUIDEBOOK: For those needing a more advanced asset protection structure, this Guidebook will help you understand the types of layered protection we offer. (Coming Soon!)
UTAH DOMESTIC ASSET PROTECTION TRUST GUIDEBOOK: If you’re looking for the most protective tool available, the Utah Asset Protection Trust is it! This Guidebook will help you understand the basics of this irrevocable trust. (Coming Soon!)

Office Policies

Free & Paid Consultations and Document Review:
  1. We are happy to have a short (5 – 10 min) Free Consult with current or future clients regarding possible legal work. Please read the appropriate Guidebook before your meeting.  These meetings are in the anticipation of legal work and not for general questions. We will discuss any recommended work and fees at that time.
  2. If you have a general question, need legal advice for a specific issue or a review of documents, for liability and insurance reasons we must be retained with a fee in order to provide consultation on that issue. If there are documents, we must receive those in advance.
  3. If you have requested a Paid Consult or Initial Document Review, your initial fee covers approximately 15 or 30 minutes, respectively, of attorney time to briefly review any documents you send and/or discuss the issues. This fee may not cover a full discussion or review in this limited timeframe. After we have a better idea of your documents and needs, we will formulate a plan and discuss any additional legal work or fees with you at that time.
  4. If your Free Consult runs over 10 minutes or requires legal advice, we reserve the right to bill for that time. If we do charge a fee, it may be applied to any additional legal work that results from the meeting. We will discuss this with you in our meeting prior to  billing for that time.
  5. Due to time constraints, unfortunately, we are unable to spend time educating clients on real estate investing topics. We have numerous, free educational videos (HERE) and more comprehensive video/audio education for a low fee (HERE). We also have Consulting Packages for those needing guidance and legal needs.
Legal Documents:
  1. With the exception of purchasing our Form Documents (see, below), all legal documents we create for you are copyrighted work product of Breglio Law Office. They are delivered either in printed or PDF format. You may not reproduce them or use them for any other purpose than why you purchased them. For all entity formations, we only mail printed and bound documents.
  2. If you’ve purchased one of our Form Document Packages or Educational Videos, you are purchasing them with the rights to edit, copy and use for your own purposes. You do not have the right to share the documents or videos with others.
  3. Typically, we do NOT keep signed copies of your documents. You are responsible for signing them, if necessary, and keeping them in a safe place. There may be a fee to recreate or resend documents.
  4. For liability and privacy concerns, we do NOT send out copies of your documents to third parties for any reason (e.g., banks and title companies) even with your permission. This is your responsibility.
  5. Requests for documents must be made by and sent directly to the client without exception. There may be an administration fee to research and send any document previously sent.
Registered Agent Service:
  1. Our office provides commercial registered agent service on entities for our clients. Here are the benefits:
    1. Additional privacy on your entity as we will appear on the public access of the state website rather than you
    2. We provide an annual meeting minutes form to help with corporate governance and asset protection
    3. We will notify you at renewal time and take care of the renewal to ensure your entity doesn’t lapse
    4. Our office will be the point of contact for service of process for additional privacy
    5. The elimination of junk mail that registered agents receive
  2. We will invoice for any registered agent fee in the month of your entity’s renewal via email. You can pay this invoice directly from a “Pay Now” link in the invoice. You are liable to make this renewal payment. We will not renew your entity without payment.
  3. You will receive two notices during the month of renewal and a single notice after it becomes late. You will not receive any further notices.
  4. If you fail to make payment on the renewal invoice, your entity will be administratively dissolved by the state after two (2) months late.
  5. If your entity is administratively dissolved, we can reinstate your entity for up to two (2) years. There are additional fees for reinstatement.
  6. If you wish to formally dissolve your entity or change the registered agent, we can also accommodate this. Please contact our office to make theses arrangements.
  7. Please read our full “Office Policies and Procedures” for the full information on registered agent services. Link below.
Fiduciary Agent Service:
  1. Breglio Law Office offers fiduciary (trustee) services on certain trusts, such as the Asset Holding Trust,  the Asset Protection Trust or Family Living Trust via Utah Fiduciaries, LLC. Here are the benefits:
    1. Privacy in holding real estate estate on county land records.
    2. Possible protection from certain judgment lawsuits,  liens and contract claims.
    3. No change in tax reporting (pass through entity)
    4. Easy to set up, maintain and make changes
  2.  Utah Fiduciaries, LLC may be a trustee on trusts that hold long term rental properties or other long term assets. We will not be the trustee on trusts used for wholesaling, flipping or any other purpose. Our client who is the initial beneficiary of the trust must remain the beneficiary at all times. The trust may not be assigned to any other person or entity. In the event the trust is sold or assigned to any other party, we will immediately resign as trustee. Please notify our office if you wish to change the trust on which Utah Fiduciaries, LLC is a named trustee
  3. There is a set up fee (assessed at the signing of the trust), yearly maintenance fee (prorated for the first year at signing, then due annually in January of each successive year) and signing fees (asses at time of signing) associated with this service. The maintenance fee is due for the entire year regardless of how much of that year we are the trustee. Failure to pay the yearly maintenance fee will cause us to remove Utah Fiduciaries, LLC as trustee from the trust and possible other fees.
  4. All request for document signing must be made via email. We will always attempt to sign and return documents same day. However, we do NOT guarantee this turn around. Please provide as much notice as possible when you need document. It is also your responsibility to confirm all signatures have been made and all deadlines are met. We will not be responsible for missed signatures or deadlines!
  5. You are responsible for confirming all signatures, meeting all deadlines and for keeping copies of all signed documents.
  6. Please read our full “Office Policies and Procedures” for the full information on fiduciary agent services. Link below.
Invoicing and Billing:
  1. ALL invoices are due at the time of service and in full. We must receive payment before sending out any document, and we do NOT accept partial payments or set up payment schedules.
  2. We do NOT split invoices among parties. Whichever party requests the work will be invoiced. It is your responsibility to collect payments from other parties if you are sharing costs.
  3. In the event an invoice is not paid in full within thirty (30) days, it will be subject to late fees and interest.
  4. REGISTERED AGENT & FIDUCIARY SERVICE FEES: You will receive an email/invoice at the beginning of the month and one reminder in the middle of the month for renewal of your entity or in January of each year for a trust. You are responsible for making payment. Failure to make payment may result in the dissolution of your entity or our resignation as trustee. You are also responsible to let us know if the company or trust has been dissolved and does not need renewal.
  5. If we answer emailed or phoned questions, research or resend documents, pull documents or information from other sources, forward mail or notices we receive as registered agent or a trustee, or perform other administrative tasks for you, we reserve the right to assess a fee for those services.
  6. Please read our full “Office Policies and Procedures” for the full information on invoicing and billing. Link below.
  1. As our attorneys are also escrow officers, me must distinguish between our legal work and our title & escrow work. All legal work is billed through Breglio Law Office. Title fees are collected through Investors Title. Any legal work performed in relation to a title closing will be invoiced separately.
  2. These services, legal and title, are offered separately and are not extensions of the other, and the duties and obligations of one shall not be imputed to the other.
  3. As our office works with many clients who work with each other, potential conflicts may arise. Breglio Law Office reserves the right to withdraw from representing one or both clients at any time after learning of a potential conflict of interest as to that or any other matter Breglio Law Office deems necessary to avoid a conflict of interest or material harm to Breglio Law Office or to its clients.


Many clients ask us about our fees, we can provide a current pricing sheet upon request. It lists some of our most common legal products and services with current pricing.

Consulting Services

Our consulting packages are designed to allow clients a more economical way to have access to our attorneys for consultations and provide discounts off our legals services and products. Here is some general information.
  1. FEES: The consulting package fees begin at $450. Please see the link below “Compare Our Consulting Package” for more information about the different levels of consulting and the fees.
Consulting Flyer (coming soon)
Consulting Policies (coming soon)
  1. CONSULTATIONS: The packages include email and phone consultations on real estate and legal matters at no cost. Obviously, some limitations must apply. Please see our full Consulting Policies below for explanations limitations.
  2. MEETINGS: Consulting clients receive one corporate governance phone meeting a year with minutes provided by our office. We will contact you in the month of your meeting to schedule. You are responsible for setting and completing this meeting. There are no refunds for failing to have a meeting in the appropriate month.
  3. DISCOUNTS: Consulting clients who receive a discount (see our comparison, below) receive 30% off the standard fees for all legal work, services, products and education provided by our office. Please see our Services Fee link above for current fee schedule.