Help At Every Stage!

ALL BUSINESSES can benefit from legal counsel. Whether you’re just starting out or at the apex of your business, we offer affordable consulting services for all our business clients. We understand the needs of small business owners. Most do not have the resources to hire in-house counsel and think it’s too expensive. Unfortunately, the means many businesses go without the help the need. However, at Breglio Law Office, we offer consulting packages that are an affordable, part-time counsel.

Our packages come with numerous free legal services, advise and consultation, corporate meetings with counsel, and many discounted legal services. All this a very affordable price structures to meet the needs of every business.

Some of the inclusions:

Registered Agent/Governing Person Services

Fiduciary (Trustee) Services

Corporate Renewals

Corporate Meetings & Minutes with Counsel

Consult time with Counsel

Significant discounts off legal work

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