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Most of our clients know our experience in seller financing transactions, private loans, wholesaling, residential & commercial leasing, and advisement other real estate investment strategies. Please see Asset Protection, Transactional Document, Self-Direction, and Title & Escrow for more information on those.

But… BREGLIO LAW OFFICE also offers legal services in many other areas of real estate.

Sales Transactions:

As attorneys, we can help facilitate the purchase or sale of your home. We can help with all the legal documents so that it’s done correctly, helping ease the tension of doing it yourselves. We guide you from signing the purchase agreement to closing documents. And we charge a flat fee far below real estate commissions, saving you a lot of money.


Assets like homes and businesses if held in an individual’s name must be “probated” in order to sell or transfer those assets if the owner dies. This is a court process whereby a judge appoints an administrator of the deceased’s estate who has legal authority to act on behalf of the estate, like signing purchase contracts. We can help you through probate proceedings quickly and efficiently.


Many of our clients are private lenders; others are borrowers. Unfortunately, sometimes that means having to foreclose on trust deed in order to have loan paid back. It can take about 4 months and there are rights that you need to secure. If the time comes, we can help you through the trustee’s sale and auction.

Home Owners Association:

HOA liens, disputes, and Covenants, Conditions & Restriction documents are just a few of the issues affecting a home owners association. Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, we can help with you resolve the matter.

Real Estate Disputes & Settlement:

Landlord-Tenant issues, breaches of purchase contract, boundary & easement issues, earnest money disputes as well as many other adversarial situations will almost certainly arise at some point in your real estate business. Because of our vast experience in real estate, we believe that most issues can be settled long before the cost of litigation accrues. But, if litigation is the only solution, we can help with that as well.

Quiet Title Actions:

When there are liens or clouds on title that can’t be cleared, or disputes as to ownership or easements, these will often need to be resolved through quiet title actions. This is also a court process that settles the issues.

Mechanics & Wrongful Liens:

Contrary to common perception, you just can’t lien someone’s property. There are rules. And if not done correctly, it’s a wrongful lien with pretty series damages. We can help you legally place, or remove, liens from title.


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