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We'll Protect You!


As attorneys, we know it’s all about protection. Whether its your real estate, your business, or your family, we have solutions that fit every budget. At BREGLIO LAW OFFICE, our attorneys and staff work hard to help our clients clearly understand the legal work and its value in a friendly and efficient manner.

Protecting your Business and Family!


Choosing the right type of entity for your business is crucial to protecting it. We’re not an online form generator. We customize all documents to our clients’ needs!


Many types of real estate & other businesses can benefit from a specialized entity that will help you save taxes and make more money. Ask us how!


The go-to business entity for holding a portfolio of assets is a Series LLC. This specialized LLC can reduce your costs and work load, making you more money and saving you time!


This is the real estate ("land") trust that many land owners, from their primary residence to rentals, will use for privacy and protection!


Every person, married or single, needs a family living trust as part of their overall asset protection strategy. This trust must be specialized and work with other other asset protection tools!


The most protective tool is the domestic asset protection trust. Used as a lawyer in your overall strategy adds a solid fortress against just about anything!

Real Estate Investing

For all things real estate investing, from REI education to transactional help, and real estate forms to self-direction, please visit Jeff at REI Mastery U. You’ll find everything you need to advance your REI business!

Jeffrey S. Breglio

As lead attorney at Breglio Law, Jeff has been in legal practice since 2000 providing superior business, real estate and estate planning services to our clients. He combines these practice areas to create customized asset protection strategies for all kinds of families and businesses. Jeff is a prolific local and national speaker & educator on asset protection and real estate investment strategies. He has recently taken his expertise in real estate investment transactions to REI Mastery U, the premier real estate education and legal online resource.

Jeff is also the author of the Saints and Soldiers trilogy and former competitive marathoner and triathlete, even having completed the Ironman. 

"I just love that he answers all my many questions and does’t make me feel foolish. He’s very very clear and concise but explains things in a way we can understand. And he’s just been a pleasure to work with."
Eric & Susie Nelsen